Center for Injury Research (CfIR)

CfIR's Mission:
CfIR engages in scientific research to prevent death and mitigate injury.

Center for Injury Research Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Status Since 2001

This website presents crashworthiness and biomechanical engineering research performed both by CfIR and its team during the course of their careers.

President - Jacqueline G. Paver, Ph.D.
CFO - Susie Bozzini | Safety Engineering International
Member - Keith Friedman | Friedman Research Corporation
Founder - Donald Friedman | (1927-2015)

Crashworthiness and Biomechanical Engineering Library and YouTube Channel

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Rollover Testing

Crashworthiness and Countermeasures Research

Biomechanical Engineering and Occupant Protection Research

Resources and Outreach

CfIR Current Research:
Safety Physical and Virtual Testing of Small and Pregnant Aircrew for the Airforce

CfIR Sponsored Research:
Comparison of Lower Leg Responses UsingHybrid III, THOR-50M, and THUMS inSimulated Test Conditions

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