Center for Injury Research (CfIR)

CfIR's Mission:
CfIR engages in scientific research to prevent death and mitigate injury.

Center for Injury Research Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Status Since 2001

This website presents crashworthiness and biomechanical engineering research performed both by CfIR and its team during the course of their careers.

President - Jacqueline G. Paver, Ph.D.
CFO - Susie Bozzini | Safety Engineering International
Member - Keith Friedman | Friedman Research Corporation | JASTI USA
Administrator - Emelie Cuchapin
Founder - Donald Friedman | (1927-2015)
Historical Website, Xprts-LLC

Meet our board member Keith Friedman. He is VP and rep for JASTI USA. Jasti develops and manufactures the entire family of ATDs and supports virtual models.

CfIR Current Research:
Physical and Virtual Testing of Small and Pregnant Aircrew for the Air Force

Latest HALO Rollover Countermeasures Successes:
HALO website, HALO LinkedIn, SEI LinkedIn

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