The Hybrid III Dummy has many benefits to vehicle testing.

Our Research / Hybrid III Dummy

About Dummy Testing

The Hybrid III dummy that we primarily use is a 50th percentile dummy which means it is the size of an average adult male (5'10" and 171lbs). The Hybrid III dummy, which is generally accepted as the best available human surrogate, is equipped with sensors in its upper and lower neck that allow us to record the amount of force that impacts the dummy's head. We are also able to measure how long the force is applied to the head as well as how far the neck bends as a result of that force. With these measurements we are able to predict the potential for a human neck injury in a rollover. By using the Hybrid III dummy we can conduct tests with repeatable and reliable results that pertain to injury measures. In addition to neck load measurements, high speed video of the interior of the vehicle during a rollover test allows us to analyze the motion of the occupant during a rollover event.

Dummy pic

Pendulum Testing

Pendulum tests are conducted to determine the injury potential that relates to the measurements recorded by the sensors in the Hybrid III neck.

Pendulum Dummy testing

The pendulum tests that we conduct allow us to calibrate the Hybrid III dummy neck to that of a human neck. We know, from various cadaver drop test studies, the amount of force required to injure the human neck. By imparting this known amount of force to the head of the dummy via the pendulum test device, we subject to dummy to an injurious load. We can then take the measurements recorded by the sensors in the dummy neck and compare those to the known forces required to injure the human neck.

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