We investigate how injuries occur in vehicle crashes by researching vehicle designs and using innovative safety testing.

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The results of CfIR’s studies and research projects are published and available on its website and many other non-profit and consumer information websites have also posted its findings. CfIR also submits the data and results if its research to automotive and biomechanical symposiums and conferences, which are reviewed by trade organizations and published in journals. CfIR also submits its findings to the NHTSA where they can be viewed by the general public at www.regulations.gov , their Docket Management System/Library. CfIR writes letters updating state senators and local officials on new developments discovered from our research.

In addition, CfIR offers auto safety lectures and conferences to the public at levels ranging from high school to Ph.D. students. CfIR’s goal and mission is to inform all individuals from the newest drivers to thesis writers about its scientific research in rollover and occupant injury potential of automobile accidents CfIR also qualifies to have its symposiums provide MCLE credits to the participants for their continuing education requirements.

Through its scientific research, available to the public through conference papers and lectures, CfIR disseminates important safety information concerning features and equipment, which is aimed at educating the public in deciding on their new vehicle purchases and possible defects with their current vehicles. A comprehensive list of ways in which CFIR disseminates its research results to the general public are listed above.